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2016 Tax Rates

Comparison chart of Scarborough and surrounding areas. An important consideration is the different towns services like fire & police, schools, trash collection, public works.

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Gingerbread House

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Scarborough Statistics

  • The median sale price of a home in Scarborough for 2014 was $334,000. With the exception of 2006 at the height of the market peak, 2014 is the highest median sale price to date. 2006 MSP was 357,000. 2003 MSP was 285,000.
  • In Scarborough 292 homes were sold 2014, compared to 228 in 2006. 178 in 2008.
  • The average home in Scarborough was on the market for 38 days in 2014. Shortest time in the last 10 years. 65 days in 2008.
  • 140 Homes sold in Scarborough in 2014 were 3BR, 100 were 4BR, 17 5BR+.
  • 131 Homes sold in Scarborough in 2014 were 1500-2499sqft. 59 were less then 1500sqft. 100 were over 2500sqft.
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2015 Property Tax Rates

Updated comparison chart of Scarborough and surrounding areas tax areas. An important consideration is the different towns’ services like fire & police, schools, trash collection, public works.

2015 Tax Rates

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2013 Promotion

Buy or Sell a home with me and
receive a free Apple iPad mini!

Purchase or list price must be above $125,000.
Valid if closed before 12/31/13.
16GB wifi-only model, $350 value.

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2012 Homes Sold By County

Top 5 Counties, “# Units Sold” means the number of existing, single-family homes sold in 2012.

County # Units Sold Median Sold Price
Cumberland 2965 $226,000
York 1929 $215,000
Penobscot 1105 $129,000
Kennebec 991 $130,000
Androscoggin 768 $133,250

*Source: Maine Real Estate Information System, Inc. Note: MREIS, a subsidiary of the Maine Association of REALTORS, is a statewide Multiple Listing Service with over 4,100 licensees inputting active and sold property listing data. Statistics reflect properties reported as sold in the System within the time periods indicated.

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2012 Statistics For Sellers

Here are some recent interesting statistics that were published by the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®

• The typical national seller lived in their home for nine years. The median tenure has
increased in recent years. In 2007, the typical tenure in home was only six years. In
Maine, the median tenure is eight years.
• Eighty-eight percent of sellers were assisted by a real estate agent when selling their
home nationally, and 89 percent were assisted in Maine.
• Nationally, recent sellers typically sold their homes for 95 percent of the listing price, and
60 percent reported they reduced the asking price at least once. In Maine, recent
sellers sold their homes for 95 percent of the listing price and 60 percent reduced the
asking price at least once.
• Forty percent of sellers offered incentives to attract buyers nationally, most often
assistance with home warranty policies and closing costs. In Maine, 36 percent of sellers
offered incentives.

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2012 Statistics For Buyers

Here are some recent interesting statistics that were published by the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®

• Fifty percent of recent home buyers were first-time buyers in Maine, compared to a
national level of 39 percent, which is a slight rise from 2011.
• The typical buyer in Maine was 41 years old, while nationally the typical buyer was 42 years
old, a modest decrease from 45 in 2011.
• The 2011 median household income of buyers was $67,100 in Maine and $78,600
nationally. The median income was $54,000 among first-time buyers and $81,500 among
repeat buyers, compared to $61,800 among first-time buyers and $93,100 among repeat
buyers nationally.
• Nationally, 65 percent of recent home buyers were married couples—the highest share
since 2001. In Maine, the figure was 58 percent. Sixteen percent of recent home buyers
were single females nationally—the lowest share since 2001; 18 percent were single
females in Maine.
• For 30 percent of recent home buyers nationally, the primary reason for the recent home
purchase was a desire to own a home. In Maine, this was the primary reason for 39
percent of recent home buyers.
• The typical home buyer in Maine searched for 12 weeks and viewed eight homes,
compared to 12 weeks and 10 homes on a national level.

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Timeline of a home buyer

Typically it will take 30-60 days from when you make an offer on a property until you close. Currently the average is about 2-3 months of home searching before entering into a contract to buy.

  •     Sign Buyer Brokerage Representation Agreement, no upfront cost.
    Binds the broker with the duties of loyalty, obedience, disclosure, confidentiality, reasonable care, diligence and accounting to you.
  •     Review listings from your broker, meet with broker at properties to see them
  •     Meet with a loan officer for pre-qualification
  •     Broker will review property disclosures with you and prepare offer to submit to seller
  •     Broker will negotiate counter-offers with you and selling agent if the offer isn’t accepted as-is
  •     Write Earnest Money check for the offer, this money is held as a deposit and applied towards closing costs
  •     Once accepted, the offer becomes a contract.
  •     Meet with loan officer, apply for the loan. At this point you will receive and estimate of your closing costs.
    Sometimes the loan officer will collect an application fee
  •     Broker or loan officer will help you find a home owner’s insurance agent
  •     Broker will help you schedule a building inspection. Typically $350 upfront for inspection.
  •     Meet broker and building inspector at the property, go through home with them
  •     Review report from building inspector and any other information collected from town, code enforcement, etc.
  •     Broker will negotiate modifications to the contract or leave contract as-is and move past inspection contingencies
  •     Lender will order an appraisal, appraiser will contact listing broker to schedule walk-through
  •     Lender or Mortgage broker will set up the closing transaction with a title company or attorney
  •     Broker will meet you at property for a final walk through the day before or day of the closing.
  •     Loan officer will give you an updated closing cost estimate and give you the amount to bring to closing in certified funds.
  •     Broker will collect account numbers and contact info for utilities that need to be transferred into your name
  •     Home owners insurance policy will be provided to the closing attorney, paid at closing
  •     Both buyer and seller brokers, loan officer, buyer(s) and seller(s) will all meet for the closing. (Don’t forget your checkbook and license)
  •     Lots of signatures, the closing attorney will explain the paper work.
  •     If there are any heating-fuel prorations broker will calculate how much you owe the seller and have you write a personal check
  •     Seller will give you keys and any other relevant info you might need for your new home!
  •     Title attorney will have the signed deed and mortgage note recorded at the registry of deeds.

If building inspections are unsatisfactory, financing cannot be obtained, or seller can’t close on time for another reason the contract can be terminated and your deposit will be returned.

I used the term “loan officer”, but either a loan officer or a mortgage broker would be typical. Either have their advantages and dis-advantages.

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Bacteria in Water Test

If you have a water test come back positive for coliform bacteria does that mean your septic system is leaking waste into your drinking water?

Coliform bacteria isn’t actually a health risk. It is tested for because it is an indicator bacteria to confirm the presence of decaying organic matter. This can even be from grass! They are now recommending that the caps of the well be changed to the sealed style pictured to the right. Because it wasn’t actually sealed, grass and bugs could find their way in to the well water..

There is however Fecal Coliform or e.coli which is found in the colon’s of animals(eew!) However typically the bacteria is filtered out in a small amount of soil. The way to determine if your septic system is leaching in to your water supply is actually to do a detergent test. Detergent is dissolved into the liquid and will travel with the water through soil without being filtered out. It is also important to consider indoor sources of e.coli and fecal coliform that may have contaminated a water test.

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