Why Should You Have Pre-Inspection

When it comes to changing homes, one of the most stressful parts is selling your home. In the process of packing and looking for your new home, a potential buyer may find an issue during the inspection that will throw everything off track, either financially or time-wise. How can avoid these kinds of surprises? A pre-inspection can help save you a headache (if not several) in the future!

What Is A Pre-Inspection?

A pre-inspection is where the seller of the home hires a Professional Home Inspector to go through the house before putting it on the market. The vast majority of buyers will have a Professional Home Inspector go through the property on their behalf prior to buying. In these inspections, they focus on electrical, plumbing, any heating/cooling system, house structure, and exterior issues in roofing, siding, doors, and windows. Pricing can range anywhere from $500-1000, depending on the size of the house and “add-on” inspections like water quality, air quality, septic system, etc. You can talk to a Real Estate Agent who can help give you recommendations for an inspector! So what are the advantages of a pre-inspection?

attic mold pre-inspection

                   Mold Found In Attic

Address Problems Beforehand

Nothing creates a headache like having to make a repair in the middle of your moving process. You may be forced to spend more money to expedite repairs or deal with issues.  In addition, your moving timeline may be thrown off in the process. A pre-inspection will give you time to allow yourself to research the best way to deal with repairs and issues, in the most cost efficient way. Plus, your Real Estate agent can advertise these updates and repairs as features!

Avoid Mid-Negotiations

When a buyer has an inspection, certain issues might take too long or be too costly to take care of upfront. A buyer may use these issues to negotiate the price, and you may feel pressured to negotiate for more money than you anticipated. They may even cancel the contract outright.. With a pre-inspection, you can work with your real estate agent on deciding a fair cost to incorporate into the asking price. This can help you avoid a major negotiation midway through the process over a costly repair.

Peace of Mind

As we have talked about in the previous sections, pre-inspection can give you, the seller, a great deal of ease. On the other side, a pre-inspection is also great for potential buyers! Buyers can see the upfront issues of a place and know that either the seller has addressed the issues.  Moreover, they also know if the seller has made a stipulation for the repair costs in the asking price. A buyer may even waive their own inspection, knowing that a pre-inspection has been made. You will entice more potential buyers with the knowledge of the upfront issues.  Plus, the overall under-contract process will go smoother and faster for both parties.

Thinking about selling your home and wonder if a pre-inspection would be right for you? Reach out to the experts at the Real Estate Store to find out more!

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