How to Support Local Businesses During These Times

In the face of an enormous crisis, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by all the hardship going on around us. The multi-phase reopening of Maine is designed to help keep people as safe as possible during these unpredictable times, but these steps also mean that many local businesses may not be able to go back to businesses as usual. While everyday people may feel like they cannot affect change on a global level, supporting our local businesses as they adapt to these changing times is one way you can reach out and help your neighbors during this crisis.

Scarborough Buy Local

We are proud members of the Scarborough Buy Local organization, which includes a business directory where you can find local goods and serves in Scarborough Maine. If you are resident of Scarborough, we highly recommend checking out their website in the link above to find out about local businesses offering delivery and curbside pick up options for goods and services. If you are a business in Scarborough that is offering these kinds of services, you can sign up on the website for free to have your business included.

You can also follow this organization on Facebook and/or follow #scarboroughbuylocal on Instagram to keep up to date on local businesses in the Scarborough neighborhood. Supporting these businesses not only helps your neighbors, but also helps support Scarborough as a whole.

Not a Resident of Scarborough?

We’re certainly happy if you would like to support businesses in Scarborough and the rest of Maine as a whole, as this still contributes to the health of our state’s economy and neighbors’ businesses; however, there are many opportunities out there to support your town or municipality as well! You can do a little research through your town’s website to find directories of local businesses to support. Along with delivery and curbside pick ups, many businesses are utilizing online websites to facilitate both goods and services while protecting their employees and customers. You can also see if gift cards are available to purchase so that you can use their services once they reopen!

You can also reach out to your friends and neighbors through social media. Do they know of local business owners who are offering their goods and services in alternative ways during these times? Or are there local artisans, bakers, shop keepers, or other smaller businesses that could be impacted by the effect that the pandemic will have on summer tourism? Many of these craftspeople are utilizing sites like Etsy or their own websites to promote their smaller businesses to a bigger audience, but could still use the support of their local neighbors. If you love their products and want to support them, you can offer to signal boost their business through social media or by recommending to your friends.

As smaller, local businesses begin to adapt to these uncertain times, they hugely appreciate the support that their fellow neighbors can give. If you were planning to buy certain good/services anyway, such as groceries, take-out, home improvement supplies, and many more, take the time to research what local businesses you can support by shopping there if you are able!

You can always reach out to your local experts at the Real Estate Store for more information on real estate!

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