Setting Up a Temporary Work-From-Home Space

In recent days, many people are finding themselves working from home. Remote work allows for ease of flexibility as many workplaces are asking employees to work from home during this crisis. However, people who have never worked from home before often struggle with staying on task, focusing on the next project, or even overworking. Today we are going to take a look at setting up a temporary work from home situation, and how to follow .

Finding a Place

The idea of staying in pajamas and working from bed might seem like a dream for the first couple of days, but this can very easily get tedious. Plus, associating your work place with the same space that you sleep can quickly cause anxiety and restlessness, and potentially lead to insomnia at night. If you have a spare bedroom/office area in your home already, then that tends to be the most ideal space. Otherwise, find any space with a table and an upright chair that is similar to what you have at your actual work. This will help you to stay in a more productive mindset!

If you get regular phone calls or do video conferencing, you should find a space that is quiet and has a clean backdrop. You wouldn’t want to start a video feed with dirty clothes or loud noises in the background! Also, take the time to make sure the space you are working from is clutter free and calming. Just like your desk at work, it can be fun to add some small personal objects such as plants and photos to help you feel inspired and motivated!

Removing Distractions

Depending on your temporary workspace, it can be tempting to turn the TV on or have Netflix streaming in the background. However, you might find yourself having to catch up more on work later because you are distracted. The same goes with music or podcasts~ if your work includes writing reports or typing up information, music with lyrics can sometimes make it difficult to focus on the work that you are writing. A quick search online can offer you some great instrumental music options for studying/creativity/office work in a variety of genres!

People with families often might find themselves being distracted by regular interruptions by children or other family members. If you have a separate office or bedroom that you are using for your temporary workspace, you can close the door and ask your family members to be respectful of your work time. If that is not possible, such as if you are working from the living room or dining room, a good headset can help you keep focused and signal to your family members that you are working.

Respecting Work/Personal Time

Once you have found a place and removed distractions, the next big hurdle that people have to overcome is separating their work and personal time. There is a common myth we tend to believe that most people would slack off if they work from home, but more often than not, people can find themselves overworking themselves while at home. Surprisingly, time management can be a huge issue, and you might find yourself working through breaks and lunches and after the end of your regular workday.

If you find yourself struggling with time management, set a timer or an alarm on your phone for scheduled breaks and workday end. Hold yourself accountable for these time restraints and work accordingly. This in turn helps you be more productive during your work time as well. If you are finding it difficult to get into the mindset of working from home, especially as a temporary situation, people recommend going through the normal work routine as well! If you normally have a morning routine before work, follow that same routine and use your normal commute time to drink coffee, check up on news, or finish up chores. If you are having trouble keeping to your end of day work schedule, try setting up a planned workout or take a walk outside to help your mind signal the end of the day.

While working from home can present a new set of obstacles, there are a lot of positives that come from it! Many people enjoy not having to deal with the stress of commuting or having less interruptions from co-workers/office politics. Plus, you have more agency in your work environment and workflow. Taking the time to make sure you have the right set-up and work habits to work from home will allow you to have a more enjoyable working situation from home and keep you feeling productive!

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