Scarborough Statistics

  • The median sale price of a home in Scarborough for 2014 was $334,000. With the exception of 2006 at the height of the market peak, 2014 is the highest median sale price to date. 2006 MSP was 357,000. 2003 MSP was 285,000.
  • In Scarborough 292 homes were sold 2014, compared to 228 in 2006. 178 in 2008.
  • The average home in Scarborough was on the market for 38 days in 2014. Shortest time in the last 10 years. 65 days in 2008.
  • 140 Homes sold in Scarborough in 2014 were 3BR, 100 were 4BR, 17 5BR+.
  • 131 Homes sold in Scarborough in 2014 were 1500-2499sqft. 59 were less then 1500sqft. 100 were over 2500sqft.

My brother Jack and I co-own The Real Estate Store. I grew up and live in Scarborough, ME. I became a real estate broker in 2005, but Real Estate is a family business for us. We are second generation Real Estate Brokers. My experience working with apartments and with residential construction has given me insight into cost-aware construction and green construction and design.

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