7 Tips on How to Enter 2017 More Organized

1. Get A Fresh Start

It’s easy to say you’re going to re-organize your house, but actually doing it is another story. One way to really ensure that you follow through with the somewhat large, and maybe challenging task is to get everything out of the space you are trying to reclaim. This allows you to see everything that was taking up space and forces you to decide whether you want to keep those things.

2. Box System

Bring 4 boxes into each room with you. One box for things you want to keep, one to donate, one for trash, and one for relocation. That way, it’s easy to see where all of your belongings are going to end up. This is a very visual way to see where you are allocating all of the things you thought you once needed. You are in control of where they end up. You decide their fate. Choose carefully.

3. Out With The Old

We all have those things that you just can’t get rid of. Whether it’s your son’s 3rd grade art project, or your favorite ratty t-shirt, we’ve all been there. However, it’s easy to see once you’ve unloaded said space that you need to make some trips to Goodwill. Getting rid of things you know you don’t need allows for a new found storage space. Maybe instead of the plant whose life has clearly come to an end, choose a small bookshelf, or a comfy chair. RIP houseplant.

4. When There Isn’t An Out, There’s Always An Up.

When you bought your house, you didn’t JUST buy the floor space, yet a lot of people forget that they can go vertical with storage spaces as well as horizontal. This allows for a more open and welcoming area. Horizontal book shelves are great, but sometimes that’s all the eye sees when looking into a room. With a vertical box shelf, or vintage ladder, or even baskets mounted to the wall, it appeases the eye. Not only does it allow for more items to be stored, it looks like there isn’t as much clutter.


5. IKEA: AKA IKEY(To Happiness)A

This is a organizer’s dream store. There are so many options! Shelves, under-the-bed drawers, pull out beds, and basically anything you can think of.  This is a great resource because it allows for creativity as well as success in being organized. Visiting the store in person is great, but even visiting their website (http://www.ikea.com/us/en/) will fill anyone with great ideas. Or should I say, IKEAs.

6. Release Some Tension – Rods

Tension rods show the sneaky side of organization. One great use is to put one under your sink to hang cleaning products from. Or, it can be used to hang coffee mugs with the assistance of S hooks. Another great use is to cover a space that may need a door, such as a cabinet, or the under-the-sink space. Not to mention the obvious use of hanging curtains. Wherever people choose to use tension rods, they are usually unseen, hence making them sneaky. This is a great way to declutter!


7. Have Fun With It!

Make it into a competition – who can get rid of the most items the fastest, or who can create the most unused space. The competitive edge provides motivation for all family members to be a part of it, not just leaving it all to fall on you. Or, offer pizza.


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