2012 Statistics For Buyers

Here are some recent interesting statistics that were published by the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®

• Fifty percent of recent home buyers were first-time buyers in Maine, compared to a
national level of 39 percent, which is a slight rise from 2011.
• The typical buyer in Maine was 41 years old, while nationally the typical buyer was 42 years
old, a modest decrease from 45 in 2011.
• The 2011 median household income of buyers was $67,100 in Maine and $78,600
nationally. The median income was $54,000 among first-time buyers and $81,500 among
repeat buyers, compared to $61,800 among first-time buyers and $93,100 among repeat
buyers nationally.
• Nationally, 65 percent of recent home buyers were married couples—the highest share
since 2001. In Maine, the figure was 58 percent. Sixteen percent of recent home buyers
were single females nationally—the lowest share since 2001; 18 percent were single
females in Maine.
• For 30 percent of recent home buyers nationally, the primary reason for the recent home
purchase was a desire to own a home. In Maine, this was the primary reason for 39
percent of recent home buyers.
• The typical home buyer in Maine searched for 12 weeks and viewed eight homes,
compared to 12 weeks and 10 homes on a national level.

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