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Information For Sellers

When looking for a broker it is important that they be familiar with the area and its market. The friendly, professional and experienced brokers of The Real Estate Store live in Southern Maine, know the area and know the market.

  • We offer an in-depth analysis of the value of your property to help you determine a competitive price.
  • We will help you set the stage to feature your property in its best light.
  • We will work with you to establish a marketing plan to attract qualified buyers.
  • We offer attractive and cooperative co-brokerage with approximately 950 area brokers to get your property maximum exposure.
  • We will update you with changing market trends.
  • We will counsel you throughout the process so that you can be sure you will obtain the best results.
  • We will advertise your property in the Maine Listing Service database, new media, traditional print media and by networking with area brokers.


  Brokerage Relationship Form:
Great starting point explaining different type of Real Estate Broker Relationships and Terms.
  Residential Transaction Booklet:
Very useful booklet with answers to many common questions.
Lead Paint Pamphlet:
Explains lead paint concerns for homes built prior to 1978.
  Maine Citizens Guide To Radon:
Explains Radon gas health risks, testing, and mitigation systems. 28pg
  Arsenic in Well Water:
Fact sheet explaining Arsenic in water.
  Arsenic Treated Lumber:
Fact sheet explaining potential for Arsenic in Pressure Treated Lumber.

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